Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Sermon

It would appear that the church must be a feast. A buffet cannot be a feast. The best bits will be taken by the glutton, unthinking. Much of value will be overlooked by the mildly interested. You cannot sit on a folding chair with a plate in your lap, alone. It is a table you sit at with others, unqualified. If you open this door, you must accept everyone who walks through it.

Our culture becomes highwaymen, stopping the coach on its journey, and simply demanding that the box be thrown down. The box seems precious, but is empty of all that is truly valuable. It's the coach that matters. Be glad that only the strongbox has caught their fancy. Beware the the day the box is empty and the coach is pulled apart to make your shambles.

I have seen the coach, and occasionally hear the clatter of the hooves as it goes by late at night far off in the distance. But it doesn't pass by here any more.

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John J. Coupal said...

In other words, What's in it for ME?

very serious production values in the video...