Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Used To Play In A Band With A Drummer Exactly Like This

No, he wasn't Korean. That's not what "exactly like" means.


wamtiques said... this guy wearing red shoes?

Sam Wah said...

I think the singer is coiling the mike cord so she can garrote him.

Janet said...

So, was the drummer the only one having any fun in your band too?

Is this some kind of cult classic? It is so bad it is hilarious.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Janet- If it's not a cult classic, it should be. I was looking for something else and found it. He acts like Dino Danelli from the Young Rascals. Fantastic fun.

My friend the drummer I'm referring to was always a fun mess like that. Full of life and good humor. There was me and another guy that were pure clowns too. One guy was sorta serious, because he was laboring under the impression we were any good. He was mistaken, of course.

But I can't fault him for being serious. He always collected the money. Someone has to be serious, I guess.