Friday, February 01, 2008

Late Winter, When A Young Man's Thoughts Turn To The Spaghetti Harvest

The winter is dragging now. I begin to daydream. Oh to be back in the Ticino on the border between Switzerland and Northern Italy! How we'd frolic in the warm spring sunshine (just a few months away, now) while watching the doughty Swiss bringing in the Spaghetti Harvest.

Maybe this year, to prepare for the bounty of the fresh spaghetti crop, I could go out onto Buzzards Bay and harpoon some Humpback Mackerel, and drain their sangiovese case oil to boil down and make some Chianti to go with it. A votre sante!


Janet said...

Well, that was thoroughly silly.

Everybody knows that the Swiss grow rotini.

thud said...

This was always repeated on T.v. when I was a little kid.....echoes of a seemingly innocent age.

Tim Worstall said...

A classic, classic, April Fools.
Late 80s, early 90s, the competition between newspapers to do the best such Fool got so intense that the Telegraph ran a huge front page story about how the US Army had had plans to invade Canada in 1939-1940.
The Fool was that of course, such plans had in fact existed. All Armies always have plans to invade the country next door.
The whole practice has rather gone into decline in recent years, sadly....

SippicanCottage said...

Hmm, a Canadian, a Scouser, and someone from Londinium.

I could take on the Luftwaffe with this crew.

thud said...

Always happy to oblige in taking on the Germans!

Janet said...

Heh. My uncle DID take on the Luftwaffe, thank you very much. My dad would have, if he'd had a few extra years on him. As it was, he became a fighter pilot with no wars to fight. I doubt he had any abiding regrets about that.

Also, Aufwiedersehen und bis zum nächsten Mal.

(And all three of us speak German...)