Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I'm feeling extremely intemperate today. I thought about indulging my anger and frustration here in pixels... but I'm not going to. I'm also filled with love for my fellow man today. It's overcome everything else. People visit me here every day, from all over the world, and what use am I to them? To inform a little, perhaps to amuse. I take that seriously.

If you live in Massachusetts you might have some idea of what's bugging me. Maybe not. Guys like me are always invisible. That is, until you decide maybe I'd be handy to have around, to make your stuff and pay your taxes and give other people jobs and so forth. Then you discover I've gone from invisible to... elsewhere.


Anwyn said...

How about a hint? I just scanned the front page of the Globe site, but either it's not important enough to be on the front or I'm dense.

Anonymous said...

I see that monthly penalties for not having the state mandated insurance now accrue monthly!

Remember if your are not in a politically connected class in Mass (union, gov't employee, student, welfare, big corp able to pay up) you are non-existant. With a virtual single party state, you are only important for the graft you can pay.

Anwyn said...

Oh, THAT horrible thing.


I read about that and should have remembered how that would be likely to affect the self-employed.

Er ... thinking of moving to another state?

Don't they have any provisions for proving that you pay as you go? Not that you should have to.

Gerard said...

You live in a flea ridden state you get bit. All you have to know about Mass is to contemplate the two senators it sends to Washington.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Stay and fight. You're just that ornery. And cantankerous. And virtuous.

Gerard said...

And staying are doomed to shovel seaweed against the tide for all eternity. OUT! Out I say!


SippicanCottage said...

Dear Gerard- I'm like Sauron with the big eye. I see everything.

Flensing is such a marvelous word.

John J. Coupal said...

Yes, it seems like a good idea to do a Blue to Red State transfer.

When one's state govn looks upon its serfs as only money machines, it's time to fly.

Surprisingly, you'll even have some say in your government's spending of your money! Not that it's a big deal.

PatHMV said...

Louisiana has a fine climate and very few Lyme-bearing ticks. We'd always be happy to welcome a Yankee seeking refuge in the saner latitudes...

Pogo said...

Can I assume you have read "The Forgotten Man" by By William Graham Sumner?

SippicanCottage said...


I'm a complete fraud, you understand, because I'm an autodidact. I know all sorts of things that make educated people think I must know about X, but I don't. I've never read that, but I read it because you posted it and I thought I'd written it.

Besides, that guy's a Yale man! Bostonians have their own Sumner, and unlike that tatty Yale fellow, our Sumner owned a lumber yard.