Thursday, December 13, 2007

Quincy Market

-Gimme a pack a luckies and a Traveler, Sonny.
+Sure thing, Tom.
-Weather ain't cooperatin'.
+Sit on the bench over there and read the paper. I'll make joe. No sense tryin' to drive west in the snow.
-I'll see if the thieves in the State House are robbin' me or botherin' me today.
+If that's all they're doin', they must be sleepin' in.
-It's good we got a Catholic in the corner office for an accomplice, anyway. The Curley ain't Robin Hood, but he'll do. Got my brother a job on the highway.
+I heard about that highway. Fell in, didn't it?
-The man's got the gift, he does, you've got to give it to him. They shoved their snoots and pencils in his face and said: The overpass collapsed, and your friend built it. What do you got to say about that...
+Oh, they'll have to try harder than that...
-As God is my witness, Sonny, he says: "It was an injudicious mixture of sand and cement." And the damn fool reporter just writes it down!
+What does he care what he puts in his paper? I'd rather read the Blarney, anyway. More interesting than the truth.
-And truer than the truth, maybe.
-God, I lived in the City when The Curley was mayor. What a scream. The Great War breaks out and a Britisher comes and calls at the City Hall and asks for permission to try and enlist Bostonians of British descent to fight the Kaiser.
+And The Curley?
-"Go ahead; take every damn one of them."


Chris Byrne said...

That looks like Newport ave... circa 1940?

BostonMaggie said...

I love it!

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Chris- I think it's Brockton. The date's about right. If you embiggen the picture, you can just make out the street sign. I saved it a long time ago and have no info.

Maggie- Nice to see you again. Your picture reinforces your reputation for straight shooting.

tjl said...

Yes Sippican, it's Warren Ave. in Brockton. My father's parents lived in Whitman and my grandfather worked for the Brockton Enterprise. I have dim childhood recollections of visits to Brockton, but the memories aren't so dingy as the photo. Of course anyplace in MA can look dingy under a steel-gray winter sky with a crust of dirty slush.

Sippican, your blog is like a daily dose of Proust (but I mean that in a good way).

SippicanCottage said...

tjl is hereby appointed vice-president in charge of identifying the place in the picture.

Is there a bad way to be called a daily dose of Proust? I don't really know. I'm working on a memoir entirely in French, even though I don't speak it, called: Vague, Poorly Described, Hyperbolic, Whipsawing From Maudlin To Vicious Remembrance Of Things Past.

Should be a hit.