Saturday, December 15, 2007

Damn Dirty Lies

They tell damn dirty lies.

The Staples Singers .Come Go With Me [SoulTrainTv 70's]

They tell you the Staples Singers used to come right out of the radio. The regular radio. They said you could hear an actual person striking the heads of actual drums in the background of the recording. Please. They said there were old black men and plain women and they were still eligible for a career in the music business. Lies, all lies. One of the people singing was actually playing an instrument for more than an affectation. It was plugged in and prominently featured. More lies. They tried to give you the misimpression that these people who were forced by the TV broadcaster to lipsynch to their recording could have actually performed the song just as well live. They think we're all rubes and would believe Mavis Staples could actually carry a tune without pitch-shifting equipment. And as a capstone on their pile of prevarication, they try to fool you into thinking that people that learned everything they know in a church, a church, mind you, would be able to get over on the regular radio.



BostonMaggie said...

What. A. Great. Memory!

My sister Grace and I in our room with our hairbrush/microphones. Ddancing....singing....


SippicanCottage said...

The hairbrush microphone is known far and wide for its great tone quality.

My four year old son comes into my workshop, unscrews the round knob and threaded stem from the fence on my big cast-iron jointer/planer, and sings into that.

Lay-eees and gem-mem!

Teri said...

I especially loved the time they had the Pips on the Richard Pryor show and they did "Leaving on a Midnight Train to Georgia" WITHOUT Gladys Knight. It was too great!