Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hey Honey, Wanna Go To The Waffle Hut?


PatHMV said...

Was that movie any good? I remember liking the previews, but I didn't get out to see it while it was in theaters. Then, I heard sort of vaguely bad reviews about it, and now I don't know whether it's worth the price of the DVD.

SippicanCottage said...

Hmmm. Any good.

I thought of reviewing that movie, but being lazy and rushed I just posted that video, which is sublime.

Movie reviewers often have lists like: the top 100 this or that. I don't believe there are 100 movies, total, worth looking at even once. The Ladykillers is part of a long list of movies I like that not many other people seem to. I'm sort of an early adopter of cult films like Lebowski, too.

I thought the movie was very entertaining. Without question, I can tell you that the Ladykillers has the best soundtrack of any movie in the last 20 years.

The main character's simple piety and honesty is not held up as an object of derision in the movie. It's the main reason the critics hated this movie.

If you want a movie with sackbutts, retired Viet-Cong Colonels, gangbangers and crackers, Bob Jones University and Edgar Allen Poe, this is the "comedy" for you.

-Afternoon, Sheriff.
- You know the Funthes boy?
- Um...Mackatee Funthes?
-Oh, no, not him. Weemack.
- Mackatee's eldest.
- Oh, yeah...
- I don't believe I do.
- Well, he's a good boy and all, but he done gone down to the Costco
in Pascagoula and got hisself a blaster.
- What?
- And he been playing that music.
- Well, if you want, you know, I could...
- Loud!
- Well, I could go talk to him if you...
- "Left My Wallet in El Segundo."
- He left his wallet?
- Hippity-hop music! You know, they calls it hippity-hop music, but it don't make me want to go hippity-hop.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Hey, Sip:
Did ya happen to catch the Patriots game?

SippicanCottage said...

Ruth Anne! Heh. Oh yes, I saw it. We lost our power due to a leftover hurricane near Cape Cod on Saturday, and I had to work all day Sunday to try to catch up. I crawled in front of the TV at 4:15 and...

well, everything's right with the world today, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

The original version of "The Ladykillers" is a truly excellent movie and well worth viewing. After lurking and reading your blog for the past few months, something tells me you'd like it.

PatHMV said...

Thanks, Sip, I'll definitely check it out, now. I'm also in the process of starting a movie-watching club (think book club, but without the need to pretend to have read the book beforehand) which will be strictly limited to remakes. The idea is to watch one version during the month, individually, and then the group gets together to watch the other version at my house. We're calling it Deja View. Or maybe the Redo Revue. Anyway, glad to find out Ladykillers will be eligible for inclusion.

SippicanCottage said...

Pat- Sounds fun. We just watch SpongeBob over and over.

Anon-I know I've seen that movie, but probably 40 years ago on a 11" black and white TV while I was home from school with the mumps or something. I can't remember it, except that I remember it. Anything with Alec Guinness and Herbert Lom in it is worth renting. Thanks for reminding me of it.