Sunday, September 30, 2007

Say It Say It Say It Say It

I never cared for the whole Diana Ross thang. She married the boss; threw her friends over the side; I never thought she was all that pretty -- though many people always have and still do -- just sorta brittle looking.

When we'd drive to family gatherings in my Dad's broken down old cars with the crackly AM radio fading in and out, it was the Four Tops or The Temptations I'd hope would fill the Motown slots on the endlessly repeating one hour playlist, not the Supremes. Let's put all that aside, and wonder at the perfection of this:


Tamara said...

Fabulous. Brings to mind Camille Paglia's observation that divas are born, not made.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I like the matching outfits and the effortless choreography.

SippicanCottage said...

Those two comments are more closely related than they first appear. Ruth Anne notices how perfectly staged it all is. There was a massively talented army of people involved in Motown looking after every detail of the music and presentation of it. And all that work went into making it seem effortless. But no matter what, tamara is right; you can't put lipstick on a pig. These people were born with the raw materials to make the effort at a sophisticated presentation worthwhile. They are born, and made.

Sissy Willis said...

We're sorry. This video is no longer available. Gak.