Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Morning Funnies

My little son cannot stop watching this. It's almost 13 minutes long, and when it's done, he hits "play again" over and over. He calls it: The machines. It's a series of what we call Rube Goldberg devices, and what the Japanese TV show, PythagoraSwitch, that features them, calls Pythagorean Switches. Enjoy. Enjoy them over and over. Keep right on enjoyin' those bad boys. Forget about getting near your desk and the computer and enjoy. Enjoy the hell out of 'em.

Py * Thag * Gor * A * Sue * Eech * Ee !


PatHMV said...

Man, how do I get the job making stuff for that show?

There were a couple of them toward the end, thought, that I'm just not buying. The one around the 9 or 10 minute mark where the ball bearing is steered by the magnet but doesn't just stick to it, for example. Another one a minute later when the marble lands on a box top and rolls straight down it, without bouncing or rolling off one of the other edges. Still, they're cool!

Anonymous said...

Is there a soundtrack album?

Daphne said...

My two boys are hooked and my engineer husband got pretty excited too! The 8 year old has decided to enter the Science Fair as of 10 minutes ago.

Super post, thanks.