Friday, August 31, 2007

I Fit Right In Here

Reader and commenter Chris Byrne dropped by and left a comment yesterday that got me to thinking:

Honestly, even given all the conveniences, I still don't understand how you manage to run a small business in Massachusetts.

The regulations, the taxes... YOu lose so much just from being there when you could easily go to New Hampshire...

Not only that, but you seem to be an independent, freedom minded sort. I grew up in Mass, and there are still things I love about it, but I could never live there again.

Hmm. I'm speechless. I believe the last time that happened was the day I met my wife.

Chris, and Melody Byrne have a blog, The Anarchangel.

I figured I'd mention that, and put a hyperlink to it, as I just figured that out, and I still don't know how to answer his question. Dissembling is the term generally used for this behavior.

How about those Red Sox! Oops, they just dropped three straight to the Yankees.

I could mention the clement weather. I think it's clement, I can't go outside. There's an enormous wasp's nest in the shrubs out front, and I poisoned it this morning just as the sun came up, and it was so big I didn't get the center of it, and a lot of very angry wasps are looking for me out there. It's just as well, as I haven't recovered from the Lyme Disease I caught from the ticks the deer running around my yard like rabbits brought. And I haven't been able to get a hold of the mosquito control person for over three months, and the mosquitoes are bigger than the wasps out there anyway.

I could take pictures of the beautiful flowers out in the gard... um... the deer ate them; my bad.

I know, I'll post pictures of my sailboat, alighted majestically on the lapping waves on its mooring... oh.. I forgot. The remnants of hurricane Katrina dismasted it and I gave it away in disgust because I never used it anyway.

We have a new governor! Deval Patrick. His slogan was: Together We Can! He appeared to mean together we can ration electricity and open a few casinos while waiting for President Hillary to give him a hind teat Cabinet Post. Let's skip that. The last governor was a Mormon. They should have just hooked up a dynamo to James Michael Curley's grave and generated electricity with his spinning corpse over that. The opportunity has passed, at any rate, and I'm sure The Curley slumbers peacefully now that a fellow with the fine Irish name of Patrick is back in his old office.

The seafood here is outstanding, and ... oh boy, I'm deathly allergic to that.

OK, the taxes are pretty bad, but I get... um...I benefit from... that is to say... well, the taxes are higher in Connecticut. So there.

The people are so nice and friendly here...

Oops, those nice people were tourists. I regret I was so rude to them. They only wanted directions to Providence. Sorry.


Anyway, Massachusetts has everything a man could want. It's around here somewhere. Let me fish through the cushions on the divan, I'll find it all.

So in answer to your original question, what was it again? Oh yes.

Massachusetts is filled with stubborn people. I fit right in here.


vanderleun said...

Well, speak for yourself, but on a day in the fourth winter in Back Bay -- after it had snowed, melted, snowed and refrozen over -- I found myself on my knees at the curb chipping my car's tires out of the gutter with an ice-pick. Twas then I knew I would be gone by the following winter... which I was and I hath never looked back, lest I -- like Lot's wife -- be turned into a frozen lobster.

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

People who leave Massachusetts are sissys. If you can't take the pressure, then get out of the rotary. If you can.

I am reminded of a favorite line from the Chevy Chase "Europen Vacation" film when his bored teenager complains during a car trip through England. Chevy Chase, trying to impress him says something like, "Look at that! The English countryside!" And the boy say something like, "Big deal. It looks like Massachusetts."

Janet said...

Hmmph. People who STAY in Massachusetts are sissies... *I* grew up in Saskatchewan! I still haven't got used to people here in Ottawa whining about the winter. They have no clue, bunch of wusses.

AnarchAngel said...

Heh, I suppose you do... and most of my family still do as well; but a large percentage have decamped for New Hampshire in the last 20 years.

Myself, I went to Arizona for college, did some time in the Air Force, then did consulting work all around the world. A couple years ago, I cam back to Arizona; because my mother had moved down here in the mean time, and then got very sick.

There are definitely a lot of things I miss about Boston, and New England. Seasons would be nice. Good pizza and subs... hell, jsut plain much better food; especially italian food. Goin to Fenway or Foxboro (I havent been to GIlette yet).

BUt honestly, what I miss the most are the stupporn, rude, pugnacious people. THe people who'll start a argument with you in your neighborhood bar, not be afraid to call you a !@#$%&!@#$, and then go to your cookout the next day.

Hell, I miss neihborhood bars, and neighborhoods. THey don't exist here. It's al pre-fab, stucco, chain, McTchochkeys crap.

I miss knowing every single kid for two miles around, and their parents, and their cousins. I miss knowing every single kid at my high school, and their parents, brothers and sisters.

What I don't miss though? I don't miss being a slave to the sate. I don't miss the taxes, and the fees, and the regulation of every little thing. I don't miss the corruption, and the political machine, and how they interact. I don't miss being thought of as a criminal if I try to defend myself from attack.

As I said, I couldn't live anywhere but a free state anymore.

Oh and just one last thing... I don't miss February; at all.