Saturday, July 07, 2007

You Play The Fills

There is a big difference between saying it's alright to feel bad sometimes, and that it's fun to be miserable. Rock musicians, yeah, I'm looking at you.

Life is a big serious thing, and it's not always a party. Sometimes it is a party, but it's a wake. Sometimes you feel like sharing what's weighing on your heart with others. You can make something nebulous to carry your feelings, if you know what you're doing. Any artist knows the give and go. A used car salesman knows only the bait and switch.

Life is not a phone book you read. It's a fuzzy image projected on a crumbly wall with a guttering candle. People with my name, people with my face, people with my mind call out to me from the heavens and the grave alike. Their images flicker and dance. You play the fills.


Hazy Dave said...

Nice to see a bit of Van...

SippicanCottage said...

Nice to see a bit of Hazy Dave.