Monday, July 09, 2007

This Is Sippican's Place

It's hard to be Floyd.

I'm Internet Floyd.

It's hard to explain a Floyd to a non-Floyd. A non-Floyd thinks you're certifiable if you explain there is no vacation, no Sunday, no insurance subsidized by others, no corporate umbrella to shield you from liability. You're at the mercy of events so far beyond your control that they might as well be lightning bolts. You could be made penniless overnight by the stroke of a pen in a legislature or a smoldering cigarette butt. It's not generally a situation where you might fail; you wake up every morning and you've already failed --it's the default setting-- and you work all day with your mind and your back and your hands and your prayers to get back to zero so you can go to sleep again.

Why would you be a Floyd, you ask?

So you can hang a sign out front that says: This is Floyd's Place. It's really no more complicated than that.


Wolf Flywheel said...

My wife is beginning a new career as a "partial Floyd". She just became a loan originator for a mortgage brokerage working from home and only being payed commission. I say partial because at least she has some sort of parent company. She has no benefits though and relies on mine. I admire those who can take a risk to earn money based solely on the amount of effort put into what they do and those who rely on what they create with their hands. My grandfather was a general contractor for over 50 years and my mother has been doing the same for 20 or so. I respect your position, sir.

SippicanCottage said...

Wolf! Never get tired of that picture.

"Partial Floyd" enters the lexicon. Awesome.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Wolf: So she's the loan arranger?
[And we didn't even get a chance to thank her.]

Sippican: I love entrepreneurs.

SippicanCottage said...

Best pun ever from Ruth Anne. Self employed mortgage originator= Lone Arranger.

I hate entrepreneurs. You should see the dirty look I give one of them while I'm shaving.