Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Nothing So Scarce As A Polite Trombone Player

My boy plays the trombone in the school band. He was offered private lessons for the summer, with an eye towards getting him into the junior high bands that require an audition. They cost too much, so we passed. A sort of scholarship appeared, and he was selected to receive it. My wife suspects that they were afraid he'd lose interest over the summer, and they realized their loss if the polite, cooperative trombone player disappeared. If he played the usual instruments, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, he'd never have had a sniff of it. Trombone players are scarce.

None so scarce as these, though.

Or perhaps you'd like something a little more sedate. Chet Atkins:

Happy Fourth of July to you all.


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Ruth Anne Adams said...

Sousa! Yowza! There's nothing more all-American than that! Congrats to the trombon-o-phone player.