Monday, July 23, 2007

I Wanna Go To Las Vegas

Actually, I don't. This person does. There isn't room in the whole town for both of us. Besides, I'm self-employed, and that's all the gambling any soul could ever need.

I offer this as a window into my soul; no offense, but this is exactly how I picture every commenter and author on every page on the internet until they prove otherwise.

I don't know what they pay policemen. It ain't enough.


PatHMV said...

Judging by her actions rather than her words, she really, really wanted to go to jail, not Las Vegas.

You should go to Vegas sometime just to experience the flight. Your fellow passengers will undoubtedly give you some fine stories. I was flying to Las Vegas (only to change planes) from Phoenix one time. Some guy managed to get on board despite being completely plastered. He was quiet and well-behaved while we were boarding, sitting 2 rows behind me and across the aisle. Just after they close the doors and we've moved about 20 feet away from the gate, I catch a whiff of something burning.

I turn around and see him lighting a cigarette! The flight attendant walks by, snatches the cigarette out of his mouth and, without stopping, proceeds to inform the captain. Sure enough, 2 minutes later, we're pulling back into the gate. The police come on board to arrest him. Fortunately, he behaved well. I felt sorry for the woman with him. The cops told her that she hadn't done anything wrong, so she could either keep flying or get off with him. It was a close call. If she hadn't had his ID and everything packed in her carry-on, I think she might have left him behind, but she took pity and got off with him. Some people have the erroneous belief that society has an absolute obligation to put up with them, while they have no obligations at all to society.

You're right, kudos to the cops. They do a great job that I certainly wouldn't want to have to do.

Anonymous said...

...this is exactly how I picture every commenter and author on every page on the internet until they prove otherwise.

Exactly why your place is one of the few blogs where I feel comfortable enough to post without being subjected to shrieking attacks like the one in the video.

Ruth Ann, I greatly admire your posts at Althouse. Somehow you seem to rise above it all there in the comments.

Thanks, Sipp.
-Deb in Madison

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Wow, Deb. Thanks. I do put a lot of effort in my comments [and puns].

As Sippican rightly points out: teh intarnets is forever. And my children might be reading these years from now as they write my eulogy.

Wolf Flywheel said...

I'm not trying to brag, but I'm a cop. I have been for almost ten years and I can tell you that this sort of thing is quite common. I used to work in the state capital here surrounded by gangs, drugs and hookers. This would be a light day for most cops. On behalf of all of the cops I know, thank you for your sentiments. I agree about your thoughts of every commenter and author on the internet. It makes you wonder why there i internet access in the loony bin.

SippicanCottage said...

I like Wolf Flywheel better and better every day.

I'm not sure I can like Ruth Anne, and Pat, and Deb any better. They had a head start.