Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's A Barnum And Bailey World

Actually, it's a Thomas The Tank Engine world today. I get to take my little boy to ride on a cheesy full size Thomas this morning. He plays endlessly with the little things, and we are trying to picture his reaction to seeing a huge version of his hero. The only sure thing is the 75 yard berth he'll give to the fellow dressed up as "Sir Topham Hatt." I've seen how that dynamic plays out with Santa Claus.

The big one will come, too, of course, and make a halfhearted attempt to affect a certain 11 year old world-weariness about the proceedings, and pretend he'd rather be slaughtering aliens than riding on a train. But I see right through that; I'm his father. He'll ask me if we can go again when it's over.

There seems to be a tradition nowadays that Father's Day is a day for a guy to sort of rest on his laurels, and take a day off from being Dad.

Why the hell would I want that?

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Patsy said...

I took my two grandsons to a 'live' performance of "Blue's Clues" when they were tiny. The little one's very favorite thing in the world. He sat on my lap with huge eyes, and mouth in a perfect O. I would have sat there forever, too.