Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Got Grandma?

Thank God we do. I've little use for the village. You know, the one it takes.


Glynn said...

I know the village you're talking about -- like it took the whole village to ruin my child. Let's hear it for grandmas!

Chris Byrne said...

Oh I know that feeling. Grandma and Grandpa take our two (girls 3.5 and 5.5) every other weekend, and on most long weekends.

It lets us be grownups every other week; which is nice.

Teri said...

I was raised by my grandparents. (Mom was a single mom back in the 50s and had to move home. She worked full time.) At any rate, I'm grateful for all the stuff she taught me and equally grateful that I didn't take up dipping snuff!

SippicanCottage said...

Chris- We tried a friend's teenage daughter for a babysitter, once, about ten years ago. We vowed never to do it again. If it wasn't for grandma down the street, my wife and I would have never left the house without children for a decade.

Teri- I forgot that aspect of it. Some rely on grandparents for more than a passing helping hand.

I wonder about the atomization of extended families now.

John J. Coupal said...

It's weird to always pay someone to look after your kids and grandkids today.

That someone doesn't know your kids from adam but as long as dollars are dangled in front of their eyes, they "care".

sad. but modern.