Monday, June 11, 2007

All In All, It Was Easier For Me When I Was Sick

What does the toddler eat for breakfast? What does the eleven year old drink with his sandwich at lunchtime? He needs a permission slip, a bike lock, a helmet, and a change of clothes for a school trip today. Where do you keep the cat food? What time do I pick him up after school? In the front or around back? Where are the car keys? I can't find the straws. How many seconds do you microwave bacon? Yes, bacon. It's good for him. He's almost eleven. He should be smoking and drinking by now, never mind eating bacon for breakfast. They put deli meat in ziploc bags now? What kind of mustard? They are all yellow. I don't know; something about a tank engine.

You all right?


Ruth Anne Adams said...

33 seconds on high.

It's also good if you put bacon in the toaster oven [set to toast on medium].

Get well soon, Gina!

Buddy Larsen said...

Mmm...bacon...gotta be good for ya, it's "cured".

Wanted to pass on this "furniture for keeps" link:

SippicanCottage said...

Thanks, Mrs Adams. She's a wreck.

Hi Buddy. That link is very interesting. I am not familiar with that magazine. It's not very run of the mill. I hate run of the mill.

NB: Here at the cottage, we call it: baconium silicate.

RDeclan said...


We are simultaneously living the same life. The only minor difference is that we reside in two different states.