Friday, May 11, 2007

I've Got My Spear And Magic Helmet

Patrick, my blogfriend over at Stubborn Facts, seems to have taken exception to my choice of Wackiki Wabbit as the finest example of the Bugs Bunny milieu. And he's brought out some heavy artillery in the caricature wars - The Rabbit of Seville. But of course, that's not even the best Bugs Bunny short feature about an opera. This is:

But let's not get carried away. We are simply asking, more or less: "Do you like the ceiling, or the marble guy with the slingshot?" to devotees of Michelangelo.

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PatHMV said...

I've proposed a test, in my latest comment at Stubborn Facts. As a result of our posts, one of our commenters introduced her 6-year-old son to Bugs for the first time today, with Rabbit of Seville. I asked her if she'd let the kid be our guinea pig, and we'll see whether he laughs at Rabbit or Opera more. Should we wager on it? ;-)

We did get one vote for the first episode with Marvin the Martian, which is probably worthy of consideration (Bugs crawling up the ladder into the spaceship parked over his hole was pretty funny), but it's not on the web, as far as I can find, alas.