Thursday, May 17, 2007

Full-Blown Obsessive-Compulsive Cape Cod Fireplace Syndrome

I'm so far down this rabbit hole at this point, the rabbits are talking Mandarin. I can't help myself. I want to look at fireplaces from Cape Cod until ten suns wink out. Or until I get to Race Point. Whatever comes first.


P_J said...

Nobody's left any comments, so I'll jump in to say I like the fireplace pics.

The third one from yesterday looks a lot like my in-laws' den in Wisconsin.

You can feel the room from the photo -- the squeak of the leather, probably a slightly musty, comfortable smell, the crackle of the fireplace, an odor of smoke, possibly the feel of a cool glass in one's hand, the rustle of a newspaper or the turning of the page in a novel already read many times. Very nice -- a room for quiet reading or pleasant conversation -- a hobbity sort of room.

Ron said...

I'm so far down this rabbit hole at this point, the rabbits are talking Mandarin.

Too bad they weren't ducks going down the duck hole, because then they could be...Peking ducks!!!

[Ed McMahon voice] Hoy-OOOOOO!!!

[Ron voice] Sorry, man, I saw the open "j" and I gotsta put up the shot!

PatHMV said...

Why was the rifle always hung directly over the fireplace? Is that generally where the family spent the evening, so that's where it was most convenient if needed to defend the household?

P_J said...


I was interested to see the rifle facing right. This makes it harder for a right-hander to use it in a hurry, because after grabbing it he'd have to switch hands or swing it around his body.

Or maybe the danger always came from the right side in that house and the owner didn't want to spin around after getting his rifle.

Or maybe it's just for decoration and I'm obsessing.