Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fifty State Ring-And-Run Crime Spree Day Three: MMMMMMMNNNH

It's day three of our quixotic quest to codify a pack of portals from fitty states. Today we linger over the M's a good long while. Beware the arm. Ask not for whom he holds the door. He holds for you.




New Hampshire:
New letters being added daily! Get fresh alphabet tomorrow!


Sam L. said...

Whose is the "left hand of the Missouri"?

Pastor_Jeff said...

It's the "Show Me" state showing off a door.

When you get to Oklahoma, please don't show a tipi.

lohwoman said...

I'm from Missouri and you've got to show me the door. Which you did.

There's a poignancy to that Legion Hall in Nebraska. If your town gets small enough, the Legion Hall is the last thing open "downtown."

But that Maryland door -- weird! Looks like a psychiatrist's office in a 1940s movie.

SippicanCottage said...

The disembodied hand in the Missouri photo lends an air of mystery, does it not?

PJ- I was tempted to use a door that appeared to be laying flat on the ground for Nebraska- it was a storm cellar. I didn't want brush up against the tornado zeitgeist, though, and thought the better of it. I have no desire to appear wry about that this week.

lohwoman- the Maryland door hypnotized me, so I was compelled to use it.

Every picture I could find of Nebraska had a certain elegaic quality to it.

Pastor_Jeff said...

A storm cellar door would be very appropriate for Oklahoma. Or a prairie sod house.

Now I get the title, but before I scanned through the pictures, I thought you were humming.

Pastor_Jeff said...

I like the Minnesota picture. I'm hoping they added the porch after the house had been built. "Welcome to our chimney!"

SippicanCottage said...

Silly. I always hum in lower case. Everybody knows this.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Missouri loves company.