Friday, April 06, 2007

Poultry In Motion

If it walks, or crawls, or flies, or wriggles on its belly, it wanders into my yard eventually.

We had three huge turkeys by the kids' sandbox this morning. They startled a handful of Canada Geese that were cruising in the swamp just off the grass there, and the Tom puffed himself up nicely. I took this picture from my living room window.

There is not one worthwhile restaurant in the town I live in. No fast food, either. No movie theater. Not a lot of retail stores of any kind. There's only a couple of traffic lights in the whole town. One night, my old truck broke down maybe a mile from my house. It was as dark as the grave. Moonless, starless night. To find my way home, I had to walk along the yellow stripe down the middle of the road, as it was the only thing I could see at all. I walked all the way home, and never had to yield the road to a passing car. It was safer out there than along the road's shoulder with all the poison ivy and the critters. And I live on the busiest street in town, except for the lightly traveled highway that cuts through it.

There are other attractions in this world, that do not have a sign out front.


Bird Dog said...


God bless, and Happy Easter.

Internet Ronin said...

There are other attractions in this world, that do not have a sign out front.

As Bird dog said, Indeed.

BTW, our wild turkeys, introduced here in a fit of madness (at state direction, of course) early in the 20th century, look nowhere nice as those.

Internet Ronin said...

Oops! Meant to add, "Happy Egg!" to you and yours.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

You blinded me with science.

SippicanCottage said...

Excellent Thomas Dolby pun in response to my dreadful turkey waster.