Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sixteen Tons and What Do You Get...

I have a very difficult deadline to meet. It would be much simpler if it was impossible. Nothing is simpler than that:

It can't be done. Not worth trying. What now?

It's the tantalizing possibility of finishing well despite great odds that captures our imaginations. It's the reason very able persons are often disorganized in their surroundings and dilatory in their activities. They're spotting the world a few points before the game begins. Just to make it interesting.

I would never ask an employee to accomplish what I'm going to accomplish today. It wouldn't be fair, as you need a bigger dog than just wages in the fight to make that appropriate. When managing others in the past, it has been my responsibility to exhort others to give effort in excess of what was normal. It was always subtracted out elsewhere. It is the nature of the situation, and just.

But I'm going to finish. I'll write this blogpost, just to spot the world a few points.

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