Friday, January 05, 2007

Watercolor Watercooler Talk

I wonder if Hal Printup had any idea that people would save this. It was attached to a Christmas card, and I'm probably the most obscure recipient of it to Hal. There's a lovely Christmas wish on the back, which mentions the birth of one of my nephews, who is of course one of Hal's numerous grandsons.

That grandson came to visit us this summer, and we took him and his older brother to the basketball court, hard by the local beach, and he slam dunked the basketball.

Time flies, Hal. It's nice you made it stand still in the watercolor for us.


Internet Ronin said...

Where is the area that inspires these watercolors?

SippicanCottage said...

Hi ronin- It's Huntington Lake, In the Sierras. It's in Fresno County in Central CA, I think.

Internet Ronin said...

I thought the vegetation looked familiar to my side of the world and not yours, and when I saw the mention of Huntington Lake, I could not help wondering if there was one back East.

I know it well. Spent quite some time there a few summers when I was a kid. Learned to sail using a friend's family's sailboat, a Coronado 15 IIRC. Very fond memories. Silver Lakr, jsut below it was ok, too, but not as pretty as I recall.

I think they are PG&E lakes - providing hydro-power.