Friday, January 19, 2007

Warm Love Friday

Hey everybody. It's raining, and thinking about snowing, here in Southcoast Massachusetts.

I saw one of my neighbors, a carpenter, working outside yesterday. He's tougher'n me. Buildng construction, which is my background, used to have a more seasonal framework to it. Tools, equipment, transportation and communication have improved, and guys just blaze away all year round at almost everything now. I'm glad to be in out of the weather now, the silky baulks of Tiger Maple gliding through my fingers across the blades, my feet warm and dry.

Winter used to have a more interior feel to it. The roads weren't as safe after a snow or rain, more places were closed due to inclement weather, more people shut themselves in for months to wait for the first crocus to pop out of the receding snow. Now we all go everywhere and do everything all the time.

You used to be able to visit the local pub, the glass sweating with shared respiration, laughter and conversation banging like a tropical cyclone against the rimed windowpanes, the trusty barkeep genially pulling the tap over the fabulous golden or brown pints like a priest over a host, coats strewn on every surface, and spilled beer whipped to a foam on the grimy hardwood floor by the dancers. Sunday is for church. Saturday is for chores. Friday night is for fun.

Get your pubstyle Irish R and B frenzy here.


Pastor_Jeff said...

Just want to say I love the old-school stars-and-stripes shield in the picture. That is one strong image of America. I'd love to see it regain common, non-ironic use.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

The background sign on the video read "Musik Laden." I know it's LAY-den, but I now hear it first as LAH-den, thanks to a despicable cave-dweller.

I loved snow days as a kid. Still do, but I don't get them much in NC.

Annie said...

It's the global warming, too; we're not only better armored against them, but winters are much milder than they used to be.