Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Singe The Body Electric

The local utility company -- who shall remain nameless, lest by calling out their name I remove some portion of the hex/evil eye/blackcatbone/curse I've called down on their heads -- has seen fit to disconnect me from the world of electrons for a portion of the day. This missive might disappear without notice when halfway complete; if you're not reading this, now you know why.

I went out into the street, and followed the trail of folderol to the fellow on the pole, who I discovered somewhat less ebullient than the fellow in the picture. He grunted about the dark and bloody secrets of unannounced transformer replacement scheduling. In my mind's eye, he was involved in terrible sort of PCB basting mishap; but of course he's just doin' his job. It's me that's not doing mine. I'm surprised he didn't scold me for being idle, while he was laboring so steadily, and on a Saturday, yet. Something in my expression counseled the wisdom of taciturnity to him, and the efficacy of remaining in a bucket well overhead, perhaps.

You-- you got what I need. In the name of all that's right and holy, turn it back...

Ah there it is. Everything's beeping now. Me too.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Great title, Whiteman.

SippicanCottage said...

Actually, I'm more of a Where's Waldo Emerson.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

When did you ditch Lake and Palmer?

SippicanCottage said...

I'm not sure which one of us is Dennis Miller in this scenario...

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I defer to you as the king of the obscure rant.

[Plus: I'd be Denise Miller, silly!]

Pogo said...

Ralph Waldo Kramden

Celestial Love

Higher far,
Upward, into the pure realm,
Over sun or star,
One of these days, Alice, one of these days... bang... zoom.

Thou must mount for love,—
Into vision which all form
In one only form dissolves;

Where unlike things are like,
When good and ill,
And joy and moan,
Melt into one.
There Past, Present, Future, shoot
Triple blossoms ...Hold it. Hooolllddd it. Wait a minute. WAIT A MINUTE... WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?

Substances at base divided
In their summits are united,
There the holy Essence rolls,
One through separated souls,
And the sunny ├ćon sleeps
You have just said the secret word, Alice. You have just won a trip to the moon.

SippicanCottage said...

Gahd, when the going gets tough around here, the tough get strange.

Where's Waldo Emerson, Lake and Palmer, or Ralph Waldo Kramden.

It's a photo finish.

Hummina hummina hummina by a nose.