Sunday, August 20, 2006


I am luckier than you. It is not in my nature to gloat, of course; I wish to share the wealth a bit.

I am in possession of a captivating miniature human being. He actually says: "Tee Hee."

I'm not joking. He actually says it. He is amused, and says, quite distinctly: "Tee Hee."

It's not an approximation of the sound of Tee Hee. We regular mortals snort and guffaw, and burst out laughing, and shriek with delight, and make a sort of sound that authors try to convey by writing Tee Hee into their text.

But he actually says: "Tee Hee."

You need to make yourself a home and find a mate and produce a human that utters, unironically, in a moment of mild amusement: "Tee Hee."

They are indispensable for making you say: "Pfffftttpppfffharharhoho."


Janet said...

Ah yes, but then they grow into teenagers who don't make any distinct sounds whatsoever...

SippicanCottage said...

And they smell bad.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

So let us enjoy them while we may.