Monday, July 03, 2006

Long Weekend?

Today's kinda odd. Is it a holiday for you? I can't get any sort of vibe anywhere. The blogosphere has ten people in it, all talking about the same things. Last night I drove to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which is about as popular a destination for July Fourth getaways as I can picture, and there wasn't a soul on the road at 6:00 PM. I guess everybody's all there already, or isn't coming.

Sane people used to take this whole week off, anyway. I worked day and night for about fourteen straight days to get a bunch of stuff out the door, and we're having a little hiatus this weekend. "Hiatus" refers mostly to the hernia I gave myself working in the yard yesterday assembling a kind of poor man's "Six Flags Over Marion" for our little boy, by conjoining a half dozen crummy playtoys in one place in the yard. Note to self: put the sandbox where it belongs right away, not five years later.

I hope all of you find a moment between all the strenuous fun, barbecues, sunburns and traveling, to marvel at what has sprung forth from that big piece of paper the powdered wig set apppended their signature to 230 years ago.

If you dug George Washington up and reanimated him, then described what we all have managed to slap together in the interim -- Six Flags Over Marion included -- while the worms were nibbling on him and his compatriots, he'd think you were pulling his leg. You'd have to squire him around and show him to get him to believe you.

I hope you get a chance to squire yourself around a little, and remind yourself of how far we've come, too. Happy Independence Day to you all.

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