Sunday, July 09, 2006

Call Your Haberdasher

When you consider it calmly, are their outfits any sillier than anything your average rock star wears nowadays?

Compare them with Madonna, for instance -- another eyetalian american prone to hanging around New York City clubs. At least the Young Rascals have their underwear under their clothes.


Jennifer said...

I'm not familiar with such whimsical fashion, and I need someone to illuminate for me whether the keyboardist is wearing a hat or if that is just an enviable head of hair.

I vastly prefer this to the show-your-underwear-penchant of hip hop and the...well, whatever the heck you call the stylings of Marilyn Manson and his cohorts.

SippicanCottage said...


A little while after this, they abandoned the Little Rascals motif and grew beards and long hair.

It's visually disorienting to see them sing the Peace, Love, and Understanding anthem People Got to Be Free, all looking exactly like Charles Manson.