Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lighten Up, Willya? It's Sunday, and it's Lovely Outside


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Who were they?

Ron said...
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Ron said...

"So, Mabel, I had a full house! How'd I know that dude would have drawn that 4th 8 on the flop!"

"Yes, Eustace, but Muriel and I had to do the pole dancing to raise the bus fare so we could get home! So none of us are happy about things..."

SippicanCottage said...

I have no idea. The photo is a daguerrotype in the Library of Congress. Pictures like these are rare enough to be saved although the people in them are obscure.

I'm always struck by the way people used to look into a camera lense. It's like they're looking through it, right at you. Film was precious and the shutter was open for a good long time, so people had to sit very still for a photo like this, but that's not it. They are looking into posterity, really, not just at the camera like we do.

And they're not happy.